Profit Sharing Program

Besides for the overall growth of the company the main reasons why JCL Realty started the Profit Sharing program were based on the lack of health insurance coverage for our Agents. We understand that as an Agent, saving hundreds of dollars out of each check for health insurance is not an easy thing to do. In addition we were worried about the lack of retirement plans available to our Agents. So we wanted to find a way to create a secondary source of income to help our Agents deal with both health insurance and retirement expenses. Of course the money that you make in the Profit Sharing Program can be spent any way you want, after all it's your money. 

For every Agent that you refer to JCL Realty and they join the brokerage- you will receive $250 for the 1st transaction they close and $100 for every other transaction they close. This goes on for as long as they are Agents at JCL Realty.


Bob Jones is a JCL Realty Agent, he tells his friend Maggie Smith about JCL Realty.

Maggie joins JCL Realty and closes a transaction.

JCL Realty pays Maggie her commission from the transaction minus her transaction fee.

JCL Realty pays $100 (For the 1st transaction you will receive $250) to Bob from the transaction fee that was collected from Maggie.

We are all in this business to make a good living and this is your opportunity to make it even better and with very little effort. If you would like to learn more about our Profit Sharing Program Schedule an Appointment today at or call (916) 442-4500.