Why JCL Realty?

The Traditional Real Estate Brokerage can take a substantial portion of your commission, not to mention other fees and for what? ….you’re the one doing the majority of the work. Well at JCL Realty we offer the 100% split model because we recognize that YOU are the brand and deserve to make most of the money.

What will it cost me to join JCL Realty?

Zero. You just need to submit your online application.

When exactly can I start doing transactions under JCL Realty?

Once you initiate the change of employment on the CalBRE website and JCL Realty certifies you.

Will I be required to use certain Title/Escrow Companies, Lenders once I join JCL Realty?

No, this again is one of the major advantages of JCL Realty. Freedom. You can use whoever best fits your customers’ needs.

How quickly can I get paid after Escrow has closed?

You can get paid the day Escrow has closed and the transaction is accepted.

What if I want to negotiate my commissions with my customer?

You can do what you want with your commission. Again, we don’t tell you what to do with your money.

What type of License do I need to join JCL Realty?

You will need a valid California Real Estate Salespersons or Broker License.

Do I need to reach a minimum sales quota at JCL Realty?


What Forms Do You Use?

CAR-approved forms. You may locate them at the office of your local board of REALTORS® or just download them directly from http://www.car.org/. The CAR forms are available at no additional cost and are part of your CAR membership benefits.

What is the Total Charge per Closed Transaction?

We charge $495 or 10% (whichever is less) per closed transaction and a $99 E/O fee. The rest of the commission is yours.